How Do I Know If It Is Time To Replace My Roof?

Southern Roofing & Exteriors LLC can help you evaluate if your roof needs
to be replaced with our professional 21-Point Roof Inspection.

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Here Are Some Of The Signs That Your Residential Roof Is Ready To Be Replaced:

  • Your roof is at least 20 years old
  • Your roof looks old and worn
  • Your roof’s warranty is expired
  • Shingles on your roof are missing or broken
  • Your roof is passing its expected lifespan
  • You observe shingling that curls or buckles
  • The surface granules of your shingles are worn away
  • If you have a tile roof
  • The flashing (the thin piece of copper or stainless steel installed to prevent seepage of water along roof joints) has been damage or is getting worn
  • There are cracks in the roof’s underlayment or sheathing allowing water or daylight to leak through

If you believe you have any of these warning signs that your roof needs to be replaced,
contact us today to have one of our roofing experts come and evaluate your roof.